Finding Your Passion

For me, passion is something that I can do all day without getting tired or bored, even though I got no money from it. My passion helps me go through all my ups and downs, and also helps me get back in the mood to be more productive.

And that is, writing.

I’ve been in love with writing since day one. I still have some of my diaries from my childhood, when I was about 7 until 11 years old. I write about anything. Writing about my experience in live or write down my thoughts become something that makes me excited, as if I feel the excitement radiating from my skin.

Fighting for your passion can be quite tiring sometimes. It can be hard to balance with your school life or work, if you can’t maintain it well. I have been seeing so many people giving up their passion for money, for things they don’t really like doing at all. But, that’s life. You can either fight for your passion until it becomes your full-time job or maintaining both of your passion and job as a separate thing and keep it going.

One thing to keep in mind is; don’t give up on your passion. Your mental health is important, you need to do all the things that makes you happy; that keeps you alive and well; that keeps you being who you are. Keep inspiring and be inspired, create, thrive and be happy, support other people’s passion, even sometimes you don’t get it.

If are still searching for your passion, keep searching, listen the voice within your heart, keep practicing, be better, don’t think about money at the first place, do it because you want to. If you’re good with whatever you doing, money will follow.

This blog is my creative outlet; my place to express and do all the things I love. My long-term goal is to be an author; I know it’s a long journey but at least I’m reaching towards the goal by taking step by step into the top.

Through blogging alone, I have learned so many things besides writing, such as networking, web designing, photography, and many more. I also met so many amazing and talented people, aspiring writers through blogging; which is crazy even though we live so far away from each other; it’s something I can’t thankful enough and it all started because the word passion.

Question of the day is: what’s your passion? Tell me your story about it.

10 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I also don’t know how I manage to keep it, it’s just there😭 It’s a nice feeling to be able to reminisce old times. Yes, keep up what you do, girl! All the best x


  1. I’m a new follower found you on Twitter. You sound like me. Writing has been my passion from an early age and inspired me to start my blog here as well. It’s amazing that we live in an age where we can easily connect with others with similar interests and passions

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  2. Writing is a creative expression that I don’t think will ever die, there are so many ways and its so so amazing. I love your style of writing, this was such a lovely read! x

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