2017 Goals

2017 is right in front of us, which had me thinking and planning about things that I want to accomplish within the next 365 days. I don’t really like the term “new years resolutions” to define them, it’s just more of milestones to get me motivated throughout the year. Also to look back on next year and see how much has changed. So, here’s my 2017 goals, in no particular order:

• Accepted into Universitas Indonesia
This is one of my major goal this year, I will face a huge national exam called SBMPTN in May and the results will decide which university I’m going to (It’s kind of complicated to explain, but hey, let’s keep it simple). I really want to go to this uni, not only it’s close to where I live, it’s also one of the best university in our country. So, wish me luck!

• Read more books
2016 isn’t a good year of reading for me. Especially because the first half of 2016 had me dying (that semester was tough). I have a long list of TBR pile but I never get around to pick them up

• Improve a lot of things in my blog
I love blogging so much and I definitely will continue to do, and post more next year (if I had time in between hectic exams schedule). I want to make my content better in terms of writing and photography. I also want to meet more people in this community, because they’re very inspiring and amazing.

• Start a planner
Being more organized is also one of my major goals. I always love planning, however I don’t have a neat handwriting and I can’t doodle or draw, so it will be quite challenging to make my planner look pretty and Instagram worthy. But hey, at least I can get all of my sh*t done.

• Learn how to drive
Well, I meant to do this on 2016, things happened. Hopefully I already got my license in the end of next year.

• Speak up more and be confident
In some cases, I’m afraid to voice my own opinion because I’m scared of getting judged, but I have learned that it’s okay to have different point of view of things as long as you don’t harm anyone in the process. I need to be more confident in my body, dress however I like, and not give a crap of how everyone else’s think.

That’s wrap up my major goals of 2017! I definitely have a lot more little goals and bit and pieces that come along with it but I can’t write them all.

Also, Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come. Spread more love and positivity this year!

24 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. I hope you get into the university that you want to! Good luck on your mocks and all of that, I think you’ll do great. I also hope you get to read more, 2017 is looking to have some pretty decent releases coming out in regards to books. So I hope you get to pick some up.

    All that said, I hope all of your goals are successful true this year! 😄

    mchi | mchiouji — http://blog.mchiouji.me

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    1. Thank you so much, you’re the sweetest! I really appreciate that. Yup, I’m excited to read all those 2017 releases, bring it on! I wish the same thing for you, have a great 2017! x


  2. Kayla I wish all your 2017 goals come true especially Uni and driving. Your blog looks amazing. Thank you for following me I look forward to reading more from you. One of my goals is to read more. I have two books I bought still staring at me on my desk 😂 xxx

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  3. I wish you lots of luck with your goals this year, I hope you achieve everything you want to! & never be afraid to be you or voice your opinion – people may judge, but at least you’ve been true to you. I wish you lots of love. Katie x

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