Do I Have Trust Issues?

I can’t trust people anymore. Every time I try to there’s always something ache in my stomach, and some inner voice forcing me to stop.

This story started at three years ago, when I trust someone so deeply, but they turn against me and betray the trust I have fully given to them. I don’t want to talk much about it, because it triggers the memory to come back when all I want is only forget it.

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What Writing Means To Me

I’m not a very good with on-the-spot motivational speech. – Benton James Kessler, November 9 by Colleen Hoover.

I could relate in a spiritual level with this guy. Sometimes, I already planned all the things I want to say but in the next minute, it’s gone. Instead my mouth just suddenly form some ordinary words everyone use to comfort someone on a daily basis.

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Self Love & Acceptance

I am definitely a person who struggles a lot with accepting myself as a person, and not worrying about other people thoughts & opinions. In the past years, a lot has been happening in my life, whether it’s part of my journey as a teenager or other stuff that lived in my head for so long until it’s became one of my problems too. I share my own experience, my own thoughts and my own advice to my future self (also for you) about self-love and acceptance in this post.

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