How To Stay Inspired and Motivated

Some days you may not want to do anything, basically just stay in bed watching your favorite tv shows and eat a lot of snacks. And it’s okay to have one of those days. But it’s not okay if you have a lot of things to do that are important for your work or school life.

Here are the tips for you to stay inspired and motivated.

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#BookChat A Work In Progress by Connor Franta

If you aren’t aware of the author of this book, you are missing out. Connor Franta, an online video creator with over 5 million following (at this point), also an entrepreneur with an amazing brand for clothing, music compilation, and coffee.
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Stepping Into The Unknown

I have a lot going on in my mind. Sometimes, I just feel like I need to get things done, but really there is nothing for me to do. (Well, except studying, but you know). And it gets to the point when I’m having a free time or a day off, my mind is constantly spinning and I feel guilty for not doing anything, which in many case you should be. But for my case, I find it unhealthy.

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