How To De-stress

If school or work has been got into your head so much lately, you need to read this. Daily routine and activities can be quite stressful in a lot of way, and finding a time to relax and unwind for the hectic week is a choice you should consider.

I personally did this following things to de-stress, and it usually works wonders! I hope it can help you too.

• Light up a candle or use an essential oil diffuser

It makes me feel calm and soothing. The power of good smells can have positive influence on your mood. You could pick your favorite scents– or give lavender and jasmine a try because they’re really calming and nice.

• Read your favorite childhood books (or reading in general)

I love reading nostalgic books to de-stress, because it gives you comfort like no other. You grew up with that series and you end up loving it all the characters over again and it’s still the exact same experience. For me it was Enid Blyton’s books (especially The Five Find-Outers) and Harry Potter!

• Play some music

When I need to de-stress, my favorite kind of music to listen was the one who gives ‘chill’ vibes, and my go to artist is Alina Baraz, she is amazing! I also listen to some instrumentals or classical music. Also, Dodie Clark! Her voice is so calming to me and I freaking adore her new EP, Intertwined.

• Drink tea

Tea is great! Who agrees? Pick your favorite one and enjoy it on a cute mug! I go for green tea sometimes because it can help reduce stress. I also tend to not put any sugar in it, however it’s just my personal choice. But it’s up to you, every tea has its own benefits for your body and mind!

• Writing down your thoughts

Letting out what has been bottled up on your mind for a long time and what has been causing stress on a piece of paper it’s a nice feeling. Journaling is something you should try! I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and it helps me so much. You don’t need a fancy journal to start, a simple notebook will do!

• Take a walk

Take a walk to your local park, to get some fresh air and let your mind wander. Or just around your blocks to greet your neighbors. It will clear your mind from a lot of things and you will be surprised how it affects you.

• Take a warm shower or bath

If you have a bath, take a bubble bath. A warm bath helps relax tensed nerves and makes you happier! Use your favorite bath products and turn your own bathroom into a luxury spa.

That’s all of the things I do to de-stress! If you’re feeling stressed right now, please believe that everything will turn out fine. You can go through this. You are strong enough to survive. I believe in you.

12 thoughts on “How To De-stress

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  2. These are some really amazing tips on an amazing blog run by an amazing person, this is why me and my best friend have nominated you for the Liebster award! The information about this is the second to latest post on our blog 😀 good luck!

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