Therapeutic Things To Do For Your ‘Me’ Time

I love the idea of being alone, and also doing something relaxing and soothing. I found it quite hard to focus on my work lately, now I find something interesting to do that also therapeutic helps me come back to the present time, despite how hectic the week has been.

painting my nails.
Can’t you imagine after seventeen years living in this world I never paint my nails before? I don’t hate the idea of it, I’m just never had the right time to do it, really. Now, I’ve tried it, I truly regret not trying it sooner. It’s so relaxing and fun! You can get creative too. It’s a plus for an art freak like me!

coloring ‘adult coloring books’
As a child, I always love coloring. I even won some of coloring competition when I was in elementary school. I may not be that good at drawing, but coloring is always going to be my thing. When I found out this ‘adult coloring book’ become a trend, I never lose my chance to try it out. Actually, my best friend gave one to me as a birthday present. And I’ve been obsessed ever since.

– cooking
I never tried to cook properly before. When I started get into health and fitness more, I decided that I want to try out few simple healthy recipes. It’s always been fun every time! I also modified the recipe to match my Asian tongue sometimes. It’s also very therapeutic as well and can instantly lift up your mood. You will be so happy as soon as it’s finished, and the best part is; tasting it!

clearing and decorating your room

I hate working on a complete mess environment. But as a person who lives things up on last-minute, that’s why there’s always a pile of unwanted things on my desk. Clearing things up and putting things in order is very therapeutic for me. The other day, I changed the set up on my desk and hung a set of photographs on my wall. Little things like that can makes your brain thinks you are in a new environment so you can me more productive than before. Try it now and thank me later!

Those are my favorite activities to do for my me time. (That doesn’t involve looking at the screen). Hope you enjoy it! See you soon


44 thoughts on “Therapeutic Things To Do For Your ‘Me’ Time

  1. Totally agree with cooking as a a therapy. It’s two in one in fact because eating! I find that my mental health is linked to how tidy the house is. So after a quick tidy up I feel much better.

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  2. I too love cleaning my room! If I ever get stressed with uni I always clean and de-clutter my room as a form of de-stressing and procrastination ❤ although I've never wanted to paint my nails, must be therapeutic if you are good at it!

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  3. Cooking is one of my favorite de-stressing activities, too! Chopping and sorting and stirring is just so relaxing. I’ve never tried an adult coloring book but they always seem so fun!


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