Stop Girl-on-Girl Hate

I feel like this topic isn’t being talked about enough. But it is a huge problem, especially online. You must be aware of this happening, or even experience it yourself.

Girl Hate (noun): the unprovoked act of trash-talking or bad-mouthing another girl’s body, personality or actions.

Why this is happening? It starts off with a girl sees the pretty, cool girl and assumes her life is perfect and she has everything. And then society starts to put this as a standard, where everyone likes her and want to be her. Media then starts to join in through movies and magazines and even online. It gets worse, the girl gets insecure, frustrated and even jealous of this standard that society puts. Some of them start spreading hate, give her evil glare, talk behind her back and roll our eyes at her for being prettier, having skinnier waist, getting higher IQ, and getting more laughs.

The outcome of this situation really is nothing good. It just a waste of time and energy. It can’t make you be better in any way, it just makes you think of negativity all the time, and not look out into the positive side of things.

How can you be the best version of yourself if you can’t spread love and respect to another women?

Remember, her success isn’t your failure. It is supposed to be your motivation to do better. We have to encourage and support each other, not to treat each other as an enemy.

Stop being judgmental. Don’t waste your time on picking them apart, judging them or even send hate online. Even when you’re out and about with a bunch of friends or alone with your own thoughts. Instead, turn your hateful comments into love and respect instead. When a girl looks so pretty, appreciate her, think about how well she takes care of herself, and be sure to remind yourself to do your ‘self-care’ routine tonight. When a girl come up with a great ideas and very confident on sharing them, support her, learn from her, it would absolutely makes things better.

From now on, stop girl-on-girl hate. Talk about other girls the way that you want to be talked about. Spread this message to everyone and send them girl love!

14 thoughts on “Stop Girl-on-Girl Hate

  1. Preach! Female empowerment is so important! Spreading love is so easy to do and improves every aspect of your life. Especially now, us girls have got to stick together and support one another.
    Love this post! So important! xx

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  2. I grew up in a girl-on-girl hate environment. I just feel so glad I meet my best friends in college. They are girl-on-girl love 😛 I love how they like giving each other support, and I become so much positive around them.

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