Current Favorites | Things I’ve Been Loving

Today, I want to share with you stuffs that I’ve been loving in the past few months (mostly in September though). So, let’s begin!

  • Adult Coloring Book

My friend gave me one for my birthday, and I’ve been wanting to get one for ages! So shoutout to my lovely friend. When I was in elementary school, I joined a drawing class and I loved it. I used to have a different kind of crayons and pencil colours, but now it’s all gone. Then, it becomes a trend recently and I’ve finally got back to it! I realized I missed it so much and it brings a lot of my childhood memories. It’s very therapeutic and calming. You can always get creative too and add your own twists which is fun.

  • Rain sounds

You’re probably thinking I’m a weirdo right now (which I am), but how could your current favorites be rain sounds? Well, I’m an auditory person, I love to listen to music while doing my homework. Especially, music with no lyrics, like classical music. And, somehow I stumbled upon a meditation app that has rain sounds as a background, and I find it quite calming and relaxing. So after that, I started listening to rain sounds that you can find everywhere from Youtube to Spotify.

  •  The Fever Code; A Maze Runner Prequel

First of all, I love Maze Runner series so much and I read all four books. And after waiting for over two years, one of my favorite author James Dashner published a second prequel to Maze Runner; The Fever Code! I haven’t finished it, so I can’t give it a rate, yet. (I’m getting there!). I might post a specific review about this book because I love it already and it’s so nice to be able to get back to this universe and reunited with a bunch of my favorite characters. Also, can we talk about the love of my life, Minho! AHH, they’re all so precious and must be protected at all costs. *pull all the characters into a group hug*

  • The Body Shop: Shea Body Butter

Oh my god, this one! I never thought a body butter is a necessary step on my routine, (as I don’t really wear a lot of products either). But I’m obsessed with this product and I use it regularly. It is very moisturizing and keeps my skin hydrated the whole day. There’s no greasy feeling after application which is great. I love the smell of it so much! It’s one of those scents that a lot of people will either love or hate at first sniff, but for me it’s so lovely.

  • Highlighters & Coloured Pens

You are not surprised isn’t it? Being a student my life will always revolves around stationary. For the past months I started colouring my notes and making it looks pretty! (And actually put a lot of effort into it.) I used to be that one kid in class with boring notes and classic plain notebooks. And now look at me with all the colours. I find it really useful to help me remember things while revising, so it’s a plus plus for me.

It’s quite random favorites I got there, but they deserves all the love that it gets. Tell me what you’ve been loving or if you also love the stuff I’ve mentioned! See you in the next post!



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