#BookChat A Work In Progress by Connor Franta

If you aren’t aware of the author of this book, you are missing out. Connor Franta, an online video creator with over 5 million following (at this point), also an entrepreneur with an amazing brand for clothing, music compilation, and coffee.

A Work In Progress, a title that speak to your soul; with the most aesthetic book cover you could ever find.

This book tells stories, about his journey, through ups and downs, about the way he began to accept himself, in any shape or form. You followed it with a bunch of amazing photographs in every chapter, never fail to amaze you in every turning page.

My favorite thing about this book is there’s always something you can learn in every chapter. Even if it’s about self-love, self-motivation, and many other little things that at first you think you don’t need but it’s actually so important for your mental health.

This book taught me to pursue my dream and do whatever that makes me happy. This book helps me realized that finding your true self isn’t gonna take a short time, it’s a very long journey. This book also changed my perspective on how I see the world, to make it a better place for everyone.

His writing is very delightful and honest; it speaks to your soul. Sometimes, you laughed along the way, sometimes you can’t help but shed a tear; happy tears, seeing how much he has become.

I rarely gave a book 5 out of 5 stars, but this one definitely received that. You should give it a read if you have time and take a look yourself before I ramble on and on about how much I love this book (which I already did tbh).

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