Overcoming Fear Of Failure

Failure terrifies me. Sometimes, failing consumed my thoughts that everything else was blocked from coming through. The feeling of not being able to succeed when I’ve tried my best make my whole body shivers, it’s horrible.

Before I did a test or performed in front of so many people, I often get anxiety. It’s not that bad, but in some way, I could prevent it to happen that often in the future, because a friend once gave me a meaningful advice.

Give yourself permission to fail, said someone to me once. Because without failure, how do we succeed? It is okay to fail, it is okay to accept the worst scenario that could happen. In this way it could ease you off, try not to think about it too much, and allow yourself to try your best despite the struggles you’ll inevitably face along the way.

Think of failure as a challenge, something that happen once in a while in your life. Failure is a part of your present, past and future and each failure shaped you to be the person you are today. Yes, failure was a painful experience at that time, but in the long run it helped you to do better and avoid making the same mistakes.

The only way to avoid all kind of failures is by not trying at all, which means you will lose your new possibilities and bigger chances, or basically not living your life to its fullest. The biggest failure that could happen is never having tried at all.

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