Things I Love

1. Rainy days.
2. Fresh sheets.
3. Spreading positivity.
4. Books.
5. Going on a spontaneous adventure.

6. Food; even better fresh fruits and veggies.
7. A cup of tea in the morning.
8. Creating something authentic and original.
9. Giving back to charity; meeting children at the orphanage.
10. Finding out new music & artists and it suddenly becomes one of your faves.
11. Giving gifts to people and see their reactions.
12. Museum trip; art gallery.
13. Graphic design.
14. Writing; in a piece of paper or in a blog.
15. Being silly with your friends in public.
16. Taking pictures.
17. Amusement parks and festivals.
18. Pastel colours.
19. Childhood memories.
20. TV Shows & Movies; obsessing over fictional characters.
21. YouTube; obsessing over real people who live thousands miles away.
22. Laughing so hard that tears come out my eyes.
23. Singing along to your favorite song in a car journey; road trip.
24. Sunrises & sunsets.
25. Finishing a good workout; a yoga; or a meditation.

7 thoughts on “Things I Love

      1. I watch a lot of British YouTubers such as Zoella, Oli White, Jack Maynard, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, although I watch other YouTubers like LaurDIY, MyLifeAsEva just to name a few. How about you, who do you like to watch?

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