Sick Of Losing Soulmates

One of my biggest fear is losing people who I truly love, and mean so much in my life. I’m here talking about how much I appreciated them and how much I value their presence in my life.

First of all, thank you.
For existing, for caring about my physical health and mental state, thank you for always supporting what I do and giving me advice on so many things. I’m grateful to have you, and I love you.

Losing a friend, in any circumstances is a horrible feeling. I go through it plenty of times in life for so many different reasons. Sometimes, they just fading out of your life, without knowing how or why, you’re both just as clueless as it seems. But you’re just slowly drifted apart from each other, until neither of you really know the other’s person life in the slightest bit.

You used to always spend the night, talking about everything, from useless talk to a really important issues of the world talk. But every seconds of it feels amazing because you know you find someone you can trust, without worrying to be judge at any rate. Then, you just stop talking to them. For like a few months, a year now?

To prevent any of this happening in the future, try to appreciate the one that have been there for you. Let them know they’re loved, let them know you will always be there for them no matter what, let them know how much they mean to you. Because even the tiniest little support matters. And one day, you might drift away from each other, with whatever reasons.

Have you told them ‘i love you’ today? Have you ask them about their health, how they’re feeling today? You might need to do that now, because that’s what soulmates are for.

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