Afraid Of Changes & Trying Out New Things

Being constant is good. Always on your comfort zone so you know what’s going to happen is a nice feeling. But trying out new things are better, a whole new experience you will never regret, and potentially could be your best moment on your entire life.

I used to be scared of changing, even the smallest little things. Like, getting my hair done, new classmates, etc. I always worried of what people will think of my new hair, or what happen if I don’t have any friends in my new class. But as I grew older, I realized things like that are not worth worrying at all. If anything, people will most likely be worried about themselves and eventually you’ll find another weird species in your class just like you are.

I can’t say that I love all type of changes, but I do always love changing up the layout of my room. Because I only ever lived in the same house since the day I was born, it’s feels great to be able to move around your things and create such a lovely personal space. It makes me more productive because I’m working on the environment that I love and feels comfortable in.

I also love going out to new places, just a new area you never explore on your neighborhood, or even travel one or two hours away from home just to find a cool little relaxing place, taking pictures and appreciate the nature. At one point, I called a friend to do the most spontaneous trip ever, and it turned out to be one of the best day on my life. It’s quite refreshing for me, because I always love to make plan and stay on schedule. If something on my plan doesn’t work out, I will freak out. Like, FREAK OUT. That’s just how I am anyway.

Trying out new things are always fun, especially if in the way you find out new hobby and passion. I once tried to join a wall magazine competition in school, and my group won, all four of us doesn’t have any experience or a really ‘artsy’ touch. We’re lucky probably, but I’m still proud of what we’ve created. And from that, I found out I love arranging and designing something, to make it looks aesthetically pleasing (even though I can’t draw). According to my friends, I could write really fast, because I did almost all the writing (is that a thing? I really don’t know).

Now, to the most hardest part of changing to face that I still struggle with quite a lot; people. Yeah, people changes, just like season, they said. But I always believe they’re growing up and realizing things and think differently than they were before. And it’s for the better.

Life goes on— I know, you’ve heard that plenty of times but for sure, if some people isn’t the way they used to be and you lost them now, it’s okay. You will find more and more amazing people who are worth your time and value. Because some people are just meant to be in a little scene of your story, guaranteed you’ll find people who will make your entire chapters filled with love and happiness.

Changing isn’t the easiest thing to go through, even if it’s moving in/out, new job, lost a partner or family member, it takes a lot of time to fully recovered. What can I say is take your time, you deserve it.

Trying out new things are worth a try. Do it with your friends, it will be more eventful. Also, document it! You’ll love to go back to those days through pictures or writing in a couple of years later!

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