Do I Have Trust Issues?

I can’t trust people anymore. Every time I try to there’s always something ache in my stomach, and some inner voice forcing me to stop.

This story started at three years ago, when I trust someone so deeply, but they turn against me and betray the trust I have fully given to them. I don’t want to talk much about it, because it triggers the memory to come back when all I want is only forget it.

I have major privacy concerns. I don’t fancy the idea of someone looking at my gadget at any time, especially my messages. It makes me break out in hives. Although there is nothing to hide, and yet the thought of someone holding my precious little baby makes me feel physically nauseated.

I only give a few people my phone pass code and never with my social media passwords. It creeps me out if someone could break in any second without me knowing.

I’m absolutely grateful that I have friends and family members I can count on where I can let down my guard, relax, and be myself. But sometimes even in my safest place, things can get rough.

I may have to fix this soon, still haven’t figured out how, but I’m working on it. It’s not really a major problem for me at this time, but I hope as time goes by I can get rid of it, hopefully soon.

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