Self Love & Acceptance

I am definitely a person who struggles a lot with accepting myself as a person, and not worrying about other people thoughts & opinions. In the past years, a lot has been happening in my life, whether it’s part of my journey as a teenager or other stuff that lived in my head for so long until it’s became one of my problems too. I share my own experience, my own thoughts and my own advice to my future self (also for you) about self-love and acceptance in this post.

Our appearance and looks is something that become such a big deal on today’s society. I might be one of those people, who constantly thinking, am I good enough? How do people will see me? Is this too much? Do I look out of the place? And many more. I still do to these days, that’s why I want to changed it.

Appearance is one of your value, and it creates someone’s first impression on you. But you can look like whatever you want, without following trends, you can rock any outfit without worrying someone would say crappy things about it. You can wear anything that makes you comfortable, feel beautiful and good about it.

I learn to accept and embrace my imperfections, everyone have flaws. I am grateful for what I’ve been given, and thankful for it. You only given one body & figure to live in for the rest of your life, so take care of it, don’t waste any of it, and treat it for it’s best.

Instead of focusing on your imperfections, try to celebrate your strength, all the hard times you’ve overcome, all the goals you’ve accomplished for the rest of your life. Try to explore yourself, find your passion, try to be better, pour all your souls into a project you’ve been working on. I still don’t know what’s my proudest moment so far in my life, but I feel so close too achieving it, and I will work harder than ever to achieve that goal because it means so much to me.

Surround yourself with a group of people who supports you. Cut out all of them who doesn’t appreciate what you do, talk behind your back and speaks negatively to you. You don’t deserve those kind of people, you need people who love you for who you are, supports you, and always be there no matter what. I have a few people who I considered as best friends and a group of people who I refer to as good friends. With my best friend I feel like I could talk about anything and it’s automatically lift the weight off out of my body just by talking to them. I feel loved, appreciated, and know I could always count on them.

It’s still a long journey for me to accept myself perfectly. But I love everything about this journey, everyday I found new things to be grateful for, something to be proud of, and become more and more accepting as time flies. I try my best to be happy, spread positivity and be kind to others. But remember, it’s okay to have bad days too.

I’m proud to say that I love myself. And you should be too.

Sign out for now,

24 thoughts on “Self Love & Acceptance

  1. Wise words! Selfacceptance is so important, and it’s so kind of you to share you thoughts and feelings about the journey. I agree with you: surrounding yourself with positive people is a huge help!


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  2. It’s important to accept yourself, and it’s good your able to realize some problems you have. I am all for cutting out toxic people that don’t appreciate you. You need people in your life that will help support you and your journey, not make it more difficult. ❤

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